Mel Ayton's latest book Hunting The President was published in April 2014 and received nation-wide acclaim from The Sean Hannity Show, The Michael Medved Show, Bill Martinez Live, In The Market with Janet Parshall, The Brian Thomas Show, Daybreak USA, Talk Back with Chuck Wilder, The Lars Larson Show, The Janet Mefferd Show, and The Dennis Miller Show as well as numerous local US radio shows. News stories about the book appeared in the US national press including The New York Post, and The Los Angeles Times and many American regional newspapers and media websites. 



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Hunting The President also received wide media coverage in the UK including the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. 



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"Readers who pick up Hunting The President will take away much they didn't know before about many who've stalked presidents with murder in mind." Editorial Writer Alan Wallace.  Article here  



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"The only book of its kind and certainly the best book of its kind...A fascinating and very important book which I heartily recommend.... it's easy to figure out why Mel Ayton's writing has drawn nearly universal praise in the past and for his present volume Hunting The President... Even for people who know American history; even for people who have a special expertise in the history of presidential assassinations; you're going to learn a great deal from (this) new book.........."  Salem Communications, The Michael Medved Show Website 



"I picked up this book, boy it's fascinating!" Eric Bolling, Hannity, Fox News



"I love the book....it's a great read."  Peter Boyles.



 "(Mel Ayton) has done a lot of research. It's a fascinating book...a terrific story...."    Rob SchillingWINA Radio 



                       DAN MOLDEA AND ROBERT DINERO  

"The widely respected Mel Ayton has been cranking out one outstanding book after another. His latest, Hunting the President, might be his best. A true scholar and a real pro, Mel understands what many of today's non-fiction authors simply miss: That the sensational does not need to be sensationalized.Still, with his wonderful writing style, he knows how to tell a great story while remaining faithful to the historian's primary tasks to be accurate, credible, and trustworthy. Mel is the embodiment of all of those qualities." Dan Moldea, author of The Hoffa Wars - website here  

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 Interview with Mel Ayton -  (published with the Wall Street






                         Mel Ayton - Author Profile

Mel Ayton is the author of numerous books and articles which challenge American political conspiracy theories. He is also a writer of true crime books. Ayton has a master's degree in history from Durham University, is a former Fulbright Teacher teaching in the United States, deputy headmaster, and college lecturer, and lives in County Durham, UK                                                                                                                                                                                                

In a review for The Guardian newspaper, Ayton was

described as "one of the few analysts who has fully grasped

(the RFK assassination's) Middle East connection". Article




The broadcaster and Times newspaper journalist David Aaronovitch praised Ayton's books for 'setting history right' .



The New York Observer characterized the author as a

"valuable debunker of unwarranted conspiracy theorizing" 

Article here



In 2003 Mel Ayton acted as the historical adviser for the BBC's television documentary, "The Kennedy Dynasty."  He has appeared in documentaries produced by the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Fox News and NBC News, and has been interviewed by BBC's Newsnight, BBC Radio 4 and  Channel 4 News. Ayton has also written articles for a number of leading political and historical periodicals.           


In December 2011 the California Attorney General requested Mel Ayton's assistance in preparing a brief challenging Sirhan Sirhan's claim that he is innocent of the 1968 murder of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. The Attorney General was successful in preventing the release of the assassin.


In December 2013 a limited leather bound edition of Mel Ayton's 2007 book The Forgotten Terrorist - Sirhan Sirhan and the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy was produced by the Gryphon Corporation for the 'Notable Trials Library'. The new edition includes a Foreword by acclaimed Harvard professor and author Alan Dershowitz - see here:

In reviewing Mel Ayton's book The Forgotten Terrorist, Max Holland, writer for The Nation and author of The Kennedy Assassination Tapes said the author "exposes the pseudo-exposers (and) combines a judicious review of the forensic and eyewitness evidence with a firm grasp of the historical context" Acclaimed American investigative journalist Dan Moldea characterized the book as having "exquisite detail... a well-written, wonderfully researched work".  Gus Russo, author of The Outfit and Supermob, recommended The Forgotten Terrorist as "the first and last book to read" on the Robert Kennedy assassination