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 Hunting the President: The author discusses the content of the book in a radio interview with Dennis Miller here

Hunting the President: The author discusses how the book was researched and written with Sean Hannity on Fox News


Justice Denied: Bermuda's Black Militants, the "Third Man" and the Assassination of a Police Chief and Governor.

The author discusses the case and how he came to write the book with Ron Chepesiuk and Will Hryb in "Crime Beat" 


JFK Assassination - More Fake Evidence

Channel 4 News appearance regarding the supposed new transcript of a conversation between Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. YouTube Clip


RFK Assassination - The Acoustics Evidence: The Pruszynski tape recording of the assassination revealed the number of shots fired in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel - there were 8 shots. 

Extract from Discovery Channel Documentary

National Geographic - CIA - Secret Experiments 

TV Documentary 2008

CIA Secrets

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday Live

I Was There : Assassination of Sir Richard Sharples

Fox News - Sean Hannity on Air

How did Marilyn Monroe Really Die ?  Transcript (pdf)

BBC 2 Television - Newsnight 

The Bogus Manchurian Candidate Theory

in the RFK Assassination (YouTube)

Discovery Channel (YouTube)

CIA Mind Control (2006)

Discovery Times (YouTube)

Conspiracy Test - The RFK Assassination

National Geographic Channel (YouTube)

CIA Secret Experiments (2008)





Dan Moldea - Author Website    Wiki   at

Dan Moldea's response to the false and misleading statements made about him by Shane O'Sullivan in his recent letter to Rick Shenkman, the editor of History News Network can be read here


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