Mel Ayton's latest book will be published on April 14th 2014 by Regnery Publishing Inc.


Hunting the President - Threats, Plots and Assassination Attempts   -  From FDR to Obama is an account of the threats, plots and assassination attempts made against US presidents over an 80 year period beginning with the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Drawing on many previously undisclosed materials the book presents a richly informative sequence of case-studies of presidential attackers, plotters and threateners, some of whom nearly changed the course of history.

 Hunting the President is based on archived interviews with Secret Service Agents, US Presidents and family members; Oral histories from presidential libraries, police files, FBI files, government reports, newspaper archives, and court records. 

 The book is a corrective to the numerous history books and biographies which have ignored or overlooked the many threats modern presidents have faced; some serious enough to have placed the chief executive within a hair's breadth of assassination. Many stories within the study have remained largely hidden from the public; some buried in newspaper archives and others in government reports or presidential libraries.

For the first time Hunting The President tells the stories of largely forgotten or never-before revealed threats to the lives of modern presidents and of how those threats were taken seriously by the Secret Service, the agency which foiled many of the assassination plots.




"Serial Killer Fueled by Racial Hate Set to be Executed"

A date has been set for the execution of the notorious racially motivated serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin whose life and crimes are examined in "Dark Soul of the South".  

 An article in the Detroit Free Press looks again at his story and why one of his first victims, Hustler publisher Larry Flint has become an unexpected voice in favour of halting the execution.  Read the full article HERE.


Justice Denied - Bermuda's Black Militants, the 'Third Man' and the assassinations of a Police Chief and Governor 

By Mel Ayton

 Justice Denied is the first full account of the 1972/1973 assassinations of Bermuda's Governor and Police Chief. The book includes a Foreword by Dr. Carol Shuman,  psychologist, former newspaper reporter,editor and author.

 During the 1970s, a black power organization in Bermuda who modelled themselves on the American Black Panthers, conspired to bring about social change "by any means necessary", including assassination. The struggle for equal rights in Bermuda during this period both imitated events in the United States and was heavily influenced by them, especially the role American black militants played in encouraging Bermuda's youth to challenge the white power structure on the island. Bermuda became the first nation to suffer the violent effects of the importation of 1960s-style American Black Power militancy. As a result, Governor Richard Sharples was murdered as well the island's Police Chief George Duckett and others.

 Justice Denied points the finger of guilt at a faction of the black militant group, led by the 'Third Man', who controlled the convicted assassins. The author names the Bermuda businessman, a convicted drug dealer, who assisted the assassins in financing their political aims through drug deals and bank robberies. He also concludes that the real story about the assassinations was 'whitewashed' by consecutive Bermudian Governments in the interests of racial harmony.

 This investigative book is based on interviews with police officers involved in the investigation into the assassinations and murders as well as interviews with prison officers familiar with two members of the assassination team. Additional material for the book was gleaned from the previously secret Scotland Yard Murder Files, British Foreign Office Files, court records, newspaper archives and interviews with the Governor's widow.




Read the article about the book in:



 Mel Ayton has written a superb portrait of an enraged island on the verge of collapse…Ayton's decade of research exposed what he demonstrates clearly is the real story behind the murders, the hangings, and the riots that ensued… It's fortunate that Mel Ayton took on the job of telling the story behind the murders and riots because the media could not.

 Ayton's character detail-both victims and accused-deliver outstanding examples of professional journalistic follow-up for which he is well known, having investigated and published investigations of the controversies surrounding the John F. Kennedy assassination and the murders of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King. His reporting of details that only those directly involved would know, along with official secret communications, and trusted correspondence with the murdered governor's widow, all were the products of hard digging and commitment.

 The proprietorship of Justice Denied frightened more than a few publishers, despite Ayton's judgment and clarity. Fortunately, Ayton and his agent didn't despair. Readers will find that in this new publication, Ayton tells the story wisely and clearly, deciphering the obvious tale and leading us through a maze that some in Bermuda continue to deny exists.

Ayton has compiled a portrait of an island in denial when it comes to crime and politics that threatens to cast a dark shadow on Bermuda, neither sugar coating, nor shaping his work into morbid excess. Although charades recounted here likely will make your blood boil, as does mine, Ayton's tenor is not anger, but objectivity. Dr. Carol Shuman, Behavioural Medicine Psychologist, Journalist, Bermuda Sun and Mid Ocean News

 "Justice Denied is not  only interesting but downright scary to know that a small group of radicals can  destroy, kill and maim innocent human beings… the book is excellent and, as  usual, so well written". Lt. Col. Manny Chavez -  former air force intelligence officer assigned to the CIA's overt office in  Miami.

"Mel Ayton's Justice  Denied is about a subject that most U.S. readers will consider a bit obscure:  some murders in the British colony of Bermuda in the late 60s and early  70s.  But in fact, the significance of what Ayton outlines is  substantial.  These murders were not mere street crime, but political  assassinations directed against top officials, and the impetus for the murders  came from the black power movement in the United States.  America, in  reality, exported a poisonous ideology.Appallingly, some of the  conspirators were never brought to justice because of the temporizing and  timorous behavior of colonial officials.
Ayton's use of sources is sound,  and his historical judgments well-grounded.    This is solid and  reliable history."
John McAdams, author of  JFK Assassination Logic and acclaimed JFK assassination researcher.


 "Murders in paradise... Mel Ayton has proved in previous books that he has a consummate skill for unravelling the facts behind conspiracies or debunking them where they don't exist (JFK, RFK, MLK to name but three). His latest book is no exception. It reads like a thriller but every word is true and his telling of racism, riots, murders, and cover-ups on Bermuda makes this an unputdownable page-turner."

 Author Paul Donnelley,




In December 2013 a limited leather bound edition of Mel Ayton's The Forgotten Terrorist - Sirhan Sirhan and the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy was produced by the Gryphon Corporation for the 'Notable Trials Library'. The new edition includes a Foreword by acclaimed Harvard professor and author Alan Dershowitz - pdf here - and his website


December 2011 - California Attorney General seeks assistance of author Mel Ayton in challenging Sirhan Sirhan's claims of innocence.

In 2011 Sirhan Sirhan, the sole person convicted of killing Kennedy, sought a new trial or freedom from his life sentence asserting his innocence and "horrendous violations" of his rights.

In December 2011 the California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, requested Mel Ayton's assistance in preparing a brief challenging Sirhan's claim that he is innocent of the murder of Senator Robert F. Kennedy -


The following story appeared on CNN's website in February 2012. Readers are unlikely to know that reporter Brad Johnson is a committed conspiracy theorist who has been trying for years to prove RFK's assassin Sirhan Sirhan did not act alone. In his CNN story here: Johnson makes no mention of the numerous rebuttals to Sirhan's claims which are mentioned in the Attorney General's report here: PDF version:

Additionally Johnson has ignored research carried out by acoustics experts and a leading American ballistics expert which challenges the claims made by Sirhan's lawyers there was a second gunman involved in the assassination. See here: PDF ANALYSIS OF THE PRUSZYNSKI TAPE BY ACOUSTICS EXPERT PHILIP HARRISON (JUNE 2006)




  "It is almost unbelievable what lengths people will go to to stand up their (conspiracy) theories and I think you are doing a fabulous job of setting history right." August 2011 Praise for the author from David Aaronovitch - writer, broadcaster & journalist. Author of "Voodoo Histories".  David's website here   NY Times review Literary Review here                

"Seems you nailed (James Earl) Ray pretty solidly...I guess the bummer from a literary standpoint is your conclusion that Ray did it and acted pretty much alone. It would have been sexier to uncover some kind of plot and identify the true assassin. Don't you hate it when non-fiction strangles a good story with the facts?" Dary Matera, author of "FBI's Ten Most Wanted".

 "Fresh from deconstructing myths about the John and Robert Kennedy assassinations, Mel Ayton has turned his sharp, and inquisitive but rational mind to the other political murder from the 1960s that still haunts the American psyche. The result is a tour d'force that exposes the pseudo-exposers, conspiracy theorists who have, unfortunately, flummoxed even the family of Martin Luther King Jr." Max Holland , author and editor of Washington Decoded and the Kennedy Assassination Tapes


 Mel Ayton on WSSTV Georgia to discuss the serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin following publication of his book"Dark Soul of the South" in May 2011.


 The - "Shot Heard Around The World"

Article by Stephen Kinzer - RFK Assassination, a political act

"Mel Ayton (is) one of the few analysts who has fully grasped the (RFK assassination's) Middle East connection"

The New York Observer - "I Went to See Bobby and Found It Moving, Somehow Inadequate"

 "Mel Ayton, a writer I've found to be a valuable debunker of unwarranted conspiracy theorizing"....... Read More

The Sydney Morning Herald - "JFK Conspiracy Theories Shot Down"

Article by Tim Shipman

The Sunday Telegraph - "Oswald was the Sole Assassin of JFK"

Article by Tim Shipman

The New York Observer -"Pavane for Princess: No Poison for Marilyn, Shakespearean Dream"

Article by Ron Rosenbaum

"I'm indebted .......... to one of the few scrupulously skeptical analyses of Marilyn conspiracy theories you can find on the Web".

George Mason University's
 History News Network
Dan Bohning's review of "The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years"

Patricia Lambert: Review of Mel Ayton's "The Forgotten Terrorist: Sirhan Sirhan and the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

"Ayton has produced a significant book with original and detailed information and analyses regarding Sirhan's life, motivation and psychology ..........those who despair of the country ever freeing itself from the debilitating morass of the conspiracy mindset should take heart. It is books like this splendid one from Mel Ayton that will hasten the day. (He) deserves a medal. It's a pleasure to see (him) swatting down these empty claims (by conspiracy advocates)."

"Oswald was the Sole Assassin of JFK"
"Time and again Mel Ayton  dares to venture into treacherous historical waters. Each time he succeeds in  floating an analysis that combines the judicious use of evidence and wise  conclusions. His work, unlike so many others who have dealt with the same  subjects, is always reliable." Rick Shenkman, Editor of HNN.