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Mark Lane - The Original Shyster

A devastating critique of  "Last Word: My Indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK" by Mark Lane"Lane has a long history of playing fast and loose with the facts" says Mel Ayton. Read his disciplined analysis here at Washington Decoded.

CNN's Conspiracy Bias in the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

"It is quite evident CNN's sins of omission reveal the nature of their conspiracy bias and the reporting by Johnson and Martinez is clearly beneath the standards CNN purportedly uphold.....". Read more at History News Network here

An excerpt from Mel Ayton's book "Dark Soul of the South - The Life and Crimes of Racist Killer Joseph Paul Franklin"

Why Jack Ruby Killed Lee Harvey Oswald (pdf 314kb)
The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe (pdf 297kb)
The JFK & RFK Assassinations and the Manchurian Candidate Theory (pdf 533kb)
Still Guilty After All These Years - Sirham B Sirhan - Washington Decoded May 2008 (pdf 72kb)
Dark Soul of the South - Press Kit (pdf 100kb) for Mel Ayton's latest book about the life of the serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin.
Watch Joseph Paul Franklin on YouTube:
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